Desert Hills Animal Hospital

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Originally from New York, Lynn moved to Arizona about 10 years ago.  She graduated from Long Technical College's Veterinary Assistant program.  She has 5 cats of her own, but also is known for helping other kitties find forever homes. Lynn loves all animals of all sizes, but she especially loves large breed dogs.  Lynn is great at providing our patients and their owners with the attention and care that is needed in this industry.

Lynn and her cat Tuffers


Erin was born and raised in Phoenix, a true Zonie! Erin grew up surrounded by many different animals both in the house and at her father's middle school science class.  She started working as a kennel assistant and gained her great skills as a veterinary assistant. Erin has many "fur babies" at home. Starting off with Kendra a Pit Bull mix that is nine years old. Next is Rocco, a two year old Pit Bull mix. Kendra and Rocco have two little brothers, Smokey and Julius Erin's two feline babies who rule the house. Erin's passion for patient care makes her a great addition to Desert Hills Animal Hospital. 


Kyle and Erin                         Rocco and Kendra


Jen has always known that she wanted a career with animals.  As a child she adopted all of the neighborhood strays and took care of them.  She graduated Apollo College's Veterinary Assistant program in 2009 and is passionate about client education.  She has a sweet and crazy Vizsla mix named Lily, and a Shepherd mix named Ren. Jen and her husband Devon have two beautiful children Baylynn and Tristyn.  You can find Jen either at the front desk or in the back of the hospital caring for your pet. 


     Devon, Jen, and Tristyn                              Lilly and Ren


Originally from England, Michelle moved to California as a teenager.  Since she was little she always knew she wanted to have a career working with animals.  She got her first job in the animal field in 2000 and is still just as passionate about helping pets as she was when she started.  Michelle and her husband have 2 Golden Retrievers, Scooby and Leilani, as well as 3 cats named Aliyah, Cheyanne, and Simba.


Michelle and Josh                          Leilani and Scooby on their birthday


Katy started her journey at DHAH in January of 2010.  Always having a love for helping people and animals, Katy knew that she was meant to work with furry friends. You can always find her with a warm smile on her face! Married in October of 2013, Logan and Katy have three fur babies of their own.  Finnegan a Golden Retriever and two kitties Maci and Murray. 

Katy and Logan                   Finn, Murray and Maci

Stradivarius 12/4/93-3/28/12

He walked into our office on 4/11/94 and called us "home".  For 18 years he was the hospital diplomat and lunch meat begger.  Thank you for all of the years of love, we will miss you.

Mozart (A.K.A. Mo)

Mozart was adopted in March of 2010.  He has gone above and beyond entertaining us all here!  He is a clown, a trouble maker at times, and a cuddler (after nap time).  Don't let his sweet orange face trick you, because if you turn your back he will take a sip of your drink or try to be a stow-away in your animal's carrier. 

Junior (A.K.A.  Lil Red)

Junior got his name because he is a Strada look-a-like. He is a timid little boy who loves his belly rubbed and his morning treats. You can always find Lil Red and Mo in our lab thinking of ways to start t-r-o-u-b-l-e!

Mo and Junior

Ashley, Karen, and Paulina: You will forever be a part of the DHAH family.  We are so proud of you all and cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!